Our Materials

What we use

Baltic Birch Plywood

For our laser cutting service, Oak Cliff Laser only offers Baltic Birch plywood as a material choice.

We scour the DFW area and try to find the highest quality sheets available. We store our inventory carefully and away from high humidity environments to keep warpage to an absolute minimum.

As with all thin plywoods, it's impossible to completely avoid some warping. We're constantly working on storage, suppliers, and other techniques to keep our materials as perfectly flat as possible.

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Prusament PETG

For parts being 3d-printed we use genuinne Prusament PETG in Orange.

PETG is one of the most versatile 3d-printing materials available. If you have experience with 3d-printers then you know that many of the parts of 3d-printers are made from PETG themselves. With 3d-printing there is no warp or burn marks like there is in laser cut wood. Also, accurancy and precision is much higher when 3d-printing because the process is addititve and there is no laser "blade" making cuts.

A full PETG datasheet from prusament.com is available for download below.

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